Darya Leylian

I am a Fullstack Developer with a focus on Front End, located in Los Angeles, CA.

I enjoy using HTML, CSS, and Javascript in combination with React and React Native to create applications. Currently using Typescript, Tailwind, GraphQL, and Neo4j. I am familiar with jQuery, SASS, and Bootstrap, and interested in learning more about Vue and Swift. In terms of backend, I am familiar with MongoDB in combination with Node, GraphQl, and Neo4j, and am currently learning more about Python. I am an avid jigsaw puzzler, love riddles and problem solving, and am always looking for new opportunities to learn.

Darya Leylian


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Calabasas Speech

Calabasas Speech is a website for a made-up speech and language clinic. The project was made using React, Javascript, HTML, and CSS and was submitted for my Honors graduation project. The website includes information about the clinic's approach to speech and language therapy, their staff and their specialties, as well as some free resources. I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, and therefore, the content and information in the Free Resources page is accurate - feel free to read through and use it!

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Darley Paint

Darley Paint is an app based on the classic Microsoft Paint. It was created for the Mintbean Hackathon in November 2021. In this app, you can pick a brush thickness, transparency, and color, and paint what you'd like on the canvas. You have 3 eraser thicknesses to choose from if you need to fix something, as well as a reset button to start with a fresh canvas.

This project won a Mintbean Star Award

mintbean star award mintbean star award
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This Tic Tac Toe game was created to allow you to play against yourself or against a friend who is there with you. You first choose which player goes first (X or O), and take turns. When a player wins, a banner will show who won. At this point you can restart the game by pressing the "Start Over" button.